How one particular cushion makes a difference.

Blanket for MWB 2017 042As I remove the unnecessary stuff from my home I have space and room to put things there that give me joy.  In past posts I have already shared some things like this before.  How I have space to have sunflowers in my room.  How I can bring joy into my life with some things that I already had but there wasn’t the space or room to show them , or they got lost in all the cluttered stuff.

As I sort through things I see precious items that have been stored away for safe keeping (so they don’t get damaged etc) but have been forgotten over the years.  Time to bring them out and let them shine.  Sometimes it is okay for me to buy something new that gives me joy, as is a particular cushion.

One of my joy’s is art history , especially involving women artists.   last year I was given some money as a present and noticing that a shop was closing down I went in and much to my delight I saw cushions with Frida Kahlo on them.  Sold.   One of them now sits on my lazy boy chair.

Did I need a cushion?   Yes, as I had no cushions at all but then maybe it was a want as I can always do without cushions.   Did it have to be a Frida Kahlo cushion?   Probably not, any cushion would have done the same thing.   But would any cushion have given me the same joy?   Absolutely not.   Every day I look at the Frida Kahlo cushion my heart smiles so yes it was a good buy, even better I got it for half price.   More joy.



What C am I focusing on this Christmas?

Does Christmas bring its own clutter or does clutter come in the form of Christmas?

Is there a relationship between Christmas and clutter?

These are questions i have been thinking about lately as Christmas approaches and I find that clutter is sneaking back into all areas of my life.  Not just in the physical sense of Christmas tree, presents, cards, decorations etc but also in other ways of my thoughts being cluttered with all the things I believe I need to do before Christmas Day arrives.

Is my attention to focused on Christmas and everything that i need to do that I forget the true meaning of Christmas?   Because of all the clutter that I bring into Christmas how badly does it take me away from my relationship with God and to remember that JESUS is the reason for this season.

My eyes are drawn to all the pretty decorations in the shops that I could buy, all the Christmas presents that I must remember to get, all the Christmas cards that I still write and don’t forget to help the poor and needy especially at this time of the year.  Please don’t get me wrong these are all good things but what is the point of me celebrating Christmas when Christ isn’t in my Christmas?

So what C am i focusing on this Christmas?   Christ or clutter?

I would like to say Christ but is it?   Fortunately it is in His presence that I find the true answer.  Take my eyes off Christmas and put my eyes back on to Christ,

Is there such a thing as good clutter?

Can there actually be good clutter?

I think so and for me its clutter that is not about me but about others.

Let me explain.

For the past two weeks I have been collecting food, toiletries , etc for food hampers that we make up at church for Christmas.   The hampers are given out to people in the community whom are in need of a help up over the holiday season.   Last year alone our church gave out over 200 food hampers alone and unfortunately the need is even greater.

Generous people at my work have been giving me heaps of food, household items and toiletries to go into the hampers.

So all this coming into my home has cluttered the floor space again but as I know that its going out again I don’t mind because it is not about me and my clutter (thank goodness.)

This morning I handed in two packed hampers into church and I am so hoping that we can fill another two hampers within the next two weeks.

Am I being ambitious?   No I am just stepping out in faith that God will provide the goods that we need to fill these hampers.  One, two , three hampers may not help everyone this Christmas but with God anything is possible.

So for the next few weeks I actually don’t

mind my floor space being cluttered again , because it really is all good clutter and as the saying goes it is better to give than receive. Amen.


Needing less than I thought.

Yesterday I was talking to someone about clutter that we both have and how much do we really need to survive on , on  a daily basis.  I guess we were talking about minimalism in our current situations.

Even though I have been decluttering all year I still feel there is more, physical stuff,  that I could remove from my home.

I started saying how I could go into each of my rooms , not many as I live in a small studio, and really look at what I use on a daily basis and to keep them.  Then what ever is left over gets chucked out but as we talked about it , is that really practical I asked?

For example, in the bathroom, basic toiletries, towel, soap, toothbrush, medication etc which is all used daily.  These I consider as needs.  But what about things like band aids or other things like that which I may need but not on a daily basis.  Do I still keep them just in case of a emergency or get them when I need them.  I mean lets face it a packet of band aids / plasters don’t take up much room.

Moving into the kitchen and under the sink , there are different cleaners.  Do I need them all and do I use them every day.  No.

I guess what I was saying to my friend yesterday was that I really don’t need a lot of practical physical things to get me through the day.  Thinking about that I can understand how people have chosen to live with 100 things in their home etc or even less.

Maybe that is something I could start moving to and challenge myself for next year.  Now that I have been removing the icing from the cake ( the seen clutter that is obviously clutter) I can now start dealing with the unseen clutter.

So I now know that I don’t need as much as I thought I did to live every day.

It really help me to discuss this with a friend of mine because I could see it so clearly in my head while describing each room in my home.

I do feel inspired and encouraged to live with less than I have already , but will it be sustainable for me to do so? and will I lose my joy with having less things?  I will let you know in my next posts.

Doing good with my paper clutter.

As I have mentioned in previous posts I really struggle with paper clutter.  Most of it is my own fault.   I go into second hand shops and see cheap writing material and postcards and buy them.

With Christmas nearly upon us it is no different.   Still plenty of paper clutter if not more.

But this Christmas I am going to do things differently, more than I usually do.

I am going to use my paper clutter for good.  Turn my paper clutter into good for some one else.   Hopefully to bring smiles to others from my paper clutter.

What ?      Note cards, Christmas cards, stickers, postcards, paper cuttings etc.

Not anything that is just plain junk, dirty, torn or rubbish.   I choose wisely what I send to each person.

How?     By snail mail postage all round the world.

Cost?     Yes postage costs a bit but how can anyone put a value on bringing happiness to someone else even if it is only a card or letter.  For example, like a child whom has never received mail before with their own name on the mail.

Why?     I could just throw all my paper clutter in the rubbish and it fills the land fill and I don’t think anything more about it, but I want to help the environment.   I could recycle it or i could bring smiles and encouragement to others.

This is not the first time that I am sending others postcards etc to bring others smiles as  i have been doing so on and off over the years but this Christmas I want to win the battle over this years paper clutter and do something useful with it.

Maybe people are thinking that I am just off loading my stuff onto others by sending my stuff to others.  I don’t see it that way as I choose what I send to each individual on what they like.

If any one is interested to send mail to people whom need encouragement and put some smiles on some faces especially around Christmas, here are a few suggestions:

Sunshine Snail Mail Exchange,   Cards for Courage,    From the Heart, More Love Letters, Prisoner Alert,  Amnesty International  Write a letter campaign.

Blessings to you.







Does Distractions cause clutter?

The last few months I haven’t been posting as much as I would have liked because I have been distracted and busy doing other things.

Actually ,  been doing too many things that again have cluttered up my life.

So can distractions cause clutter?

For me the answer is yes.   Maybe to others the answer is no.

Too many distractions causes more clutter for me to deal with.

It is amazing how easy i can get sucked into the busyness , which then distracts me from what I really want to be doing.

I talk about it being busyness but I think its just more clutter that I am bringing into my life.    This busyness can be physical, emotional but usually and mostly it is mentally.

That’s where the clutter and busyness starts in the head with all those thoughts wanting my attention.  The worse thing is that I try to do all those things that my thoughts tell me to do.

I am a bit more aware of them now and trying to get back on track and remember what is important to me while still sorting out the clutter.

After talking to God yesterday I felt that there is a area of my life that He wants me to start removing the clutter from and deal with the reasons why I clutter in this area of my life.

So I am feeling positive and encouraged knowing that is God is with me , for me , then it will all work out in the end.

God is greater than my distractions.   Now that’s a relief.


Unbalanced clutter.

When there is clutter there is no perfect balance in my life.

Thinking about the clutter and the removing of clutter in my life so far this year I can still see areas of my clutter that are not balanced.  I mean some areas contain more clutter than others and need more time spent on them sorting through it all.

For example for me, the clutter of clothing is so much less to my clutter of paper.  So the time spent is unevenly balanced.

Which got me thinking this morning that my life is similar to the clutter that surrounds me.  Some areas of my life are more cluttered than others causing an unbalance of time and energy.

My life, my clutter and my resolve to declutter  is not perfect and I guess it should’t be as I am human.

But I do know the one who is perfect.   His name is Jesus.

He is the perfect one.

There is no clutter found in Him.

I find balance in Him and God’s word, not in things and other people.

Eternal life is found in Him.


My unfinished stories are not clutter.

In reference to my last post which I talked about a form of paper clutter that I have : my unfinished stories and poems that I  have written and how cluttered they have all become.

I was then sharing how I thought that I had to make some decisions on whether to keep on writing or just get rid of them all and stop writing all together.

Since I last posted that post yesterday, already I have felt a shift in attitude and can see a different perspective on my unfinished stories and poems.

I now know that my unfinished stories, essays and poems are not clutter, not at all.

My stories are exactly that , my stories.  Nobody else’s but mine.  So if I declutter my stories then I am removing a part of myself.

I may not become a famous writer or author or poet but only I can write what is important too me.  No one else has experienced what I have experienced.

My writing is not clutter because my writing gives me a voice.  A voice that since I was a child was not allowed to say what I wanted to say .   Neither was my voice listened too.

So if I am not going to give my voice the freedom to speak and allow myself the right to listen to my own voice then how can I expect others to listen to it as well.

My voice is not clutter.

My unfinished stories, essays, poems and journals are not clutter.

They are a part of me and they are here to stay.