How one particular cushion makes a difference.

Blanket for MWB 2017 042As I remove the unnecessary stuff from my home I have space and room to put things there that give me joy.  In past posts I have already shared some things like this before.  How I have space to have sunflowers in my room.  How I can bring joy into my life with some things that I already had but there wasn’t the space or room to show them , or they got lost in all the cluttered stuff.

As I sort through things I see precious items that have been stored away for safe keeping (so they don’t get damaged etc) but have been forgotten over the years.  Time to bring them out and let them shine.  Sometimes it is okay for me to buy something new that gives me joy, as is a particular cushion.

One of my joy’s is art history , especially involving women artists.   last year I was given some money as a present and noticing that a shop was closing down I went in and much to my delight I saw cushions with Frida Kahlo on them.  Sold.   One of them now sits on my lazy boy chair.

Did I need a cushion?   Yes, as I had no cushions at all but then maybe it was a want as I can always do without cushions.   Did it have to be a Frida Kahlo cushion?   Probably not, any cushion would have done the same thing.   But would any cushion have given me the same joy?   Absolutely not.   Every day I look at the Frida Kahlo cushion my heart smiles so yes it was a good buy, even better I got it for half price.   More joy.



Focusing on God, not the problem or self condemnation.

I don’t know about you but I am very good in putting all my attention on to the problem and forgetting all about God.  And the more problems I have the less I talk to God.  This is not always but quite often I do this.  Sometimes I remember and then pray to God and sometimes I surprise myself and go straight to God with the problem.

God is the solution to my problems.  God has the solutions to my problems.

Often when I focus on my problems I beat myself up and then start comparing myself to others, thinking that they are more better, perfect than i am.  That they would be able to cope with the problems so why cant I?

Fortunately I have a God that understands me and doesn’t compare me to His other children.   Amen.

So instead of focusing on all my clutter and the thoughts  that are I will never be free from all this clutter focus on Him.

Today I was reminded of Romans 8:1.   about no condemnation for those who are in Christ.

God,  I am so thankful that there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.   If you do not condemn me , I have no right to condemn myself.  Help me Lord to not get caught up in a defeating cycle of self condemnation.  Remind me that you  are greater than self condemnation.  Amen.




International Women’s Day, God’s way.

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day and I thought why not celebrate women , all women on this post.  No its not a post to bring down men either.

Over the years I have often struggled to a be a woman as I could not measure up to the standards that society wanted women to be.  I failed miserably.

When I became a born again Christian I still struggled with the woman thing but over the years God has changed my attitude .  Firstly God created me as a woman.. God does not make mistakes, so He was not surprised that when I was born  I was a girl.

Coming into God’s kingdom and accepting God as my Father, means that I am His daughter and He accepts me as I am, the woman I am.   This is such a blessing to me to know that I am His beloved daughter and woman of God , compared to what society tries to tell me.

Yes at times I still struggle with the worldly expectations , especially as I get older but what God says about me is more important than what the world says about me.   The world changes its attitudes every day but God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Amen.

it is not what I am, not who I am but WHOSE I am.

Let us not forget especially on a day like today when we celebrate women, that we remember women all the world over, no matter what race, religion, colour, status, education, etc whom are still oppressed, forced into trafficking, sex slaves, poverty, homeliness, elderly, girl orphans, street girls, refugees. etc.  No matter what their circumstances are they are still women precious to God.

Lets pray for them to see God come into their lives and that they would know that they are loved as women by God, or even to take action to help make an positive eternal difference in the lives of women around the world.  Amen


Leaving others to deal with my clutter?

I recently went to two funerals in four days.  Yes they were both from the same extended family.   Any death is bad enough but to have two within a few days of each other is unbelievable and a major shock to all concerned.  I cant imagine how my cousins are coping through their personal grief of their losses.

So as this is a sensitive subject I do not want to show disrespect to anyone  in what I share on this post.  i hope that no one is offended by what I say.

While I was sitting in the funeral hearing about the life of the loved one I wondered what they had left behind?  As this is a clutter blog my thoughts went to how much clutter they had left behind?   Stay with me on this.

I was also thinking at the same time what are people sitting here  thinking about ? the loved one and the memories they have of them?  I hope so.  What do people think about at funerals?  sorry getting side tracked.

But as i said somehow my thoughts went to wondering how much stuff they left behind?  or none?   and who will sort it out?

which then I was able to do a 180 degree turn around and asked the same question of my self?   if I left earth in the next few days what stuff/ clutter would I be leaving behind?

is it fair to just leave stuff for others to sort through of can I right now do something about my clutter/stuff so that it makes  easier on the ones that have to unfortunately go through my stuff and cause them less pain.

the answer is yes.   the less stuff I have the better it is for all concerned.  knowing that i will leave earth with not much stuff/ clutter behind me is a peaceful thought and gives me reassurance that i am heading in the right direction as I continue to remove unwanted , unneeded stuff from my life.

as i mentioned before I wrote this not with the purpose to offend anyone and if I have I apologise to you.  that was not my intention.  It has just thought provoking and made me seriously think about my clutter issue and the consequences it leaves behind.

Fasting removes clutter.

Starting tomorrow my home church is doing a 3 week fast as we normally do each year.

At one of the morning services today our senior pastor said these words,  “Fasting removes clutter,” so he gets the credit for the name of this post not me.

My spirit jumped when I heard  these words because I had not really thought about the fact that fasting does help to remove junk/ clutter from my life and helps me to hear from God more.

And isn’t that what I want with removing clutter from all areas of my life, so that i can hear from God and venture into a closer relationship with HIM.  Isn’t that what I have been trying to achieve over the past few months by decluttering in all areas of my life?

Hearing those words has helped me change my attitude around fasting.  I have always struggled to fast mainly because of my attitude towards it.  Like I have been focusing on what I was giving up more than seeing what I was gaining through fasting.  But I believe those words spoken to day have helped me to see fasting in a different better light and I hope that this new attitude will help me keep strong as I fast.

For Christians fasting is not an option.  Jesus did not say if you fast , but when you fast.  Fasting is in the same category as praying and giving.

So some of the areas that I may need to fast from are busyness, social media, reading, and food.   Usually when I fast it is usually food that I fast, especially sweets and bread.

The clutter of social media keeps me on the computer for longer than I should be when I could be talking to God, praying for others etc.  Reading the bible , rather than reading the millions books that I have got out from the local library.  Fasting from busyness and putting aside things that I think are important but are probably not important in the scope of eternity.

However I fast and whatever I fast from i know that there has been such a significant shift in my attitude to fasting that it definitely is a miracle from the Holy Spirit and I am looking forward to becoming a bit more clutter free as well as strengthening my relationship with Jesus.

Please pray for me through these 3 weeks of fasting.  Thank you, Bless you.


Disheartened by what clutter does.

Hi there,

I haven’t been posting much so far this year.  I have been feeling a bit disheartened about this year so far, but I as  know that it is only a feeling  it has got me thinking about a few things.

A few weeks back I missed out on two important closing dates because i had been focusing on other things that are  not as important as those closing dates.  I missed enrolling into a distance study program and applying to be accepted into a mentor writing program.  Both these things i wanted to do this year but I was too busy being distracted with someone thing to realize that the dates had in fact passed.

When I found out I was disappointed with myself , more than anything , as I realized that I had allowed my self to get caught up in an form of clutter that sucked me in without me even knowing what was happening.

The clutter?  Social media.  Yep that’s right, the good old computer.  But here I go blaming the computer when it was really me saying yes to all these new websites I found.  Can anyone relate?

It just reinforces to me that clutter is an addiction for me, in whatever form of clutter it may be.

I write a lot of letters to people all around the world , whether it be to prisoners, cards for the lonely , family and pen pals.   Early this January I decided , (notice that it was me that decided, not God,) that I would like some more pen pals.  Now that is not the problem.  The problem occurs when i went from one pen pal site to another, cluttering up my time and mind on the computer when I could have been applying for the mentor writing program and distance learning study.

That’s what clutter does to me, it takes me away from the things that are really important and what I want to achieve this year.  Even taking me away from the purposes that God has for me.

Writing to pen pals is all good but not when it takes the place of real life relationships with people here where I live and even more so , takes me away from sharing and talking to God.

I often get mixed up at times and have life upside down but at least God is greater than my circumstances.  Praise God and that He is with me in all of it.

Clutter is like cake.

I like both clutter and cake and they both like me, probably even more so than I like them.

Last year when I started seriously on this journey of decluttering I really only did the physical aspect of my cluttering and how it had affected me.

I did also mention that there was more to clutter than just the physical side of things , which also included spiritual, emotional, social media etc etc.

As I spent last year sorting through the clutter I was always aware that there would probably come a time when I would have to go deeper if I so choose to do so.  That God would ask me to go deeper with Him into other cluttered areas of my life.  Well I think the time has come for me to do so.

I feel like God has been telling me that I have been eating the icing on the cake for longer enough now and that it is time for me to go deeper into the cake and taste what the cake is made of, good and bad.   What are the ingredients that have made up the cake?

So as you can tell , the icing on the cake is the top part of the cake.  What you can see, just like my physical clutter.   This year its time to take a bite out of the cake and see what makes up the ingredients, whether it be spiritual, emotional etc.

Am I looking forward to eating this part of the cake?  Yes and no.  I definitely love cake but this one may take a while for me to eat it.  I am sure there will be parts of the cake that I will want to leave on the plate and not touch.

But I know that I don’t have to do this alone.  If God has called me to go deeper into my journey of clutter then I know that He is with me on this journey and I can share the cake with Him.   I wont have the burden of eating this cake alone.

I also look forward to sharing this journey with you this year.



Holiday away from the clutter.

hello everyone to 2019.

I hope that the new year so far has brought you good things as it has with me .

I have been on holiday/vacation for the past few weeks.   Where i live the Christmas , New Year holiday season also includes summer holiday time.

This holiday season I stayed in my own country but traveled around for awhile visiting places that I hadn’t been before.

I was nice to get away from the daily routine for a few days and leave the clutter and my thoughts about clutter behind me .

So for my first blog of the new year I thought I would share some of my photos of the places i went to on my travels here in New Zealand.  Hope you don’t mind and the next blog I will be back into a new year of deleting clutter from all areas of my life with God’s leading.

The three small photos are from a area called Poverty Bay.  i can confirm that it was not called Poverty Bay because of scenery as it is absolutely stunning and beautiful.  The town in one of these small photos is a place called Gisborne.  Gisborne is one of the first places in the world that sees the new day.

The bottom photo is a place called Mount Maunganui.  It is one of the most popular places in my country for both local and international tourists because of the beaches, sunny lifestyle and you can climb the mountain and/or walk around the mount around the coastline.